He was Porkins?! … Blimy! He’s lost weight! ‘Cause Porkins was enormous in Star Wars. I always imagined that Porkins actually basically had to sit there whilst they built the X-Wing around him, he was so fat. — Speakeasy & The Denim Cowboy,
Flash Gordon @0:09:09

So, I remember seeing this … on video. And … actually my only recollection of it was the nudity, pretty much. [laughter] I remember something about Halley’s Comet and I remembered the nudity. — Speakeasy & the Denim Cowboy,
Lifeforce @0:06:10

Even if you were someone else to begin with, and you sort of had your mind erased and become a different person, is that person entitled to that life or the person that was before him? — The Denim Cowboy,
Total Recall @0:20:29

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