So, I remember seeing this … on video. And … actually my only recollection of it was the nudity, pretty much. [laughter] I remember something about Halley’s Comet and I remembered the nudity. — Speakeasy & the Denim Cowboy,
Lifeforce @0:06:10

[Clu gives Castor a cocktail for Flynn’s disk] Wouldn’t you be slightly worried when he offers you a drink? He’s f****ed by this point. — Denim Cowboy and Speakeasy,
Tron: Legacy @1:27:27

I went down to Tesco’s to find something wholly appropriate for this to drink, but I couldn’t find it, so I got a Jack Daniels and Coke in a can. Perfect— In a can? Yeah. Classy. — Speakeasy & the Denim Cowboy,
Omen III @ 0:00:59

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