I’ve spent many happy months in Vancouver. As far as I’m concerned, it’s the greatest city in the world. I’d be quite happy on the back of this motorbike, hugging Kevin Flynn, thinking, ‘Yes, I’m in Vancouver.’ — Denim Cowboy and Speakeasy,
Tron: Legacy @1:57:25

[Clu gives Castor a cocktail for Flynn’s disk] Wouldn’t you be slightly worried when he offers you a drink? He’s f****ed by this point. — Denim Cowboy and Speakeasy,
Tron: Legacy @1:27:27

[as Flash] Look, you literally told me how to fly this thing about 45 seconds ago. I don’t feel sufficiently qualified to be able to have sex and fly it at the same time. — Speakeasy & The Denim Cowboy,
Flash Gordon @0:43:45

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