Tell them what this is they’re eating, ’cause that really bears repeating. It is yummy, ’cause it’s cooked ham and chocolate syrup. Mmmm. Just like Mom used to make. — Deadpit Radio,
Night of the Living Dead @1:17:23

I don’t blame this guy. He’s gonna try and molest [Sarah Conner]. I’d do it too. [pause] That’s an interesting choice, tho, i’n’t it? To lick her face? Yeah. That’s a li’l odd. — Deadpit Radio,
Terminator 2 @0:49:33

Robert Patrick’s hair sorta looks like James Dean. … He kinda does! … When they were designin’ the T-1000s in the future, they wanted ’em to look like James Dean. … They should’ve designed ’em to look like Carrot Top. — Deadpit Radio,
Terminator 2 @0:32:54

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