I just love the way they play with this whole idea. … Yeah, a lot of this episode is basically playing with what the characters see and remember, and that’s what we have to work with. — Cultdom Collective,
Doctor Who ‘Day of the Moon’ @0:12:02

[The Doctor dials up obedience in Miss Kizlet’s minions] Can you do that with me, Ian? Can you just move my confidence up and my accuracy? No. I don’t do miracles. — Cultdom Collective,
Doctor Who ‘Bells of St. John’ @0:42:00

2000 years in the Pandorica. 11 years with the crack in the wall, so— So she and Rory are both older than the Doctor. — Cultdom Collective,
Doctor Who ‘The Big Bang’ @0:39:45

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