I wonder how he loses his eye. … The old guy, from Young Indiana Jones. What old guy? The old, like 90-year-old Indy. Dude, I hated that show. … If you want— I don’t! — Commentary Track Stars,
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom @1:46:58

You gotta watch Family Guy to get this, ’cause this guy is a pederast. Yeah, yeah. I picked up on that. I don’t think that you— That’s pretty blatant. — Commentary Track Stars,
Family Guy: Blue Harvest @0:15:46

It’s funny all the criticism James Cameron gets for his dialog. … It’s rhythmic. It’s like Pulp Fiction or like Shawshank Redemption, for that matter. Or a good movie. [pause] Yeah. Like those two. — Commentary Track Stars,
Aliens @0:40:47

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