What order are you going to show these movies to your kid…? Original versions of 4, 5, and 6. … When they turn 18, it’s their choice … to watch the prequels. But just giving it to them? Pssh. It’s like giving your kids whiskey! — Commentary Track Stars,
Star Wars 5: Empire Strikes Back @0:42:17

[the Joss Whedon Alien 4 script] It wasn’t gonna be great. … If this was the Ripley series, it would be a different thing. Ripley. Ripleys. Ripley 3. Ripley Resurrection. That would be fine! … [laughter] Ripley vs Predator? — Commentary Track Stars,
Alien @0:51:19

A lot of people are critical of this Blu-ray transfer because Hot Rod is pink. … But for someone to not go with the Blu-ray route because of that is ridiculous, since the widescreen DVD is just one giant compression artifact. — Commentary Track Stars,
Transformers: The Movie @0:10:00

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