You gotta watch Family Guy to get this, ’cause this guy is a pederast. Yeah, yeah. I picked up on that. I don’t think that you— That’s pretty blatant. — Commentary Track Stars,
Family Guy: Blue Harvest @0:15:46

What the hell’s with the ‘ID4′ thing? There’s no 4 in the title. … We should abbreviate [Commentary Track Stars] to a smiley face and a shot of the cobra from Raiders of the Lost Ark. — Commentary Track Stars,
Independence Day @0:06:37

The casting makes it really unexpected. I was shocked…. I was like, ‘Man! What are you doing to Felicity?’ Did you watch Felicity? No. Okay, so why— That doesn’t make any sense. — Commentary Track Stars,
Mission Impossible 3 @0:18:53

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