Who’s gonna hear this? Uh, you never know. People. … If we say anything questionable, we can always trim it out here and there. I killed a homeless guy once. Set him on fire. Watched him burn. — Commentary Track Stars,
Star Wars 5: Empire Strikes Back @0:34:50

I wish Brad Bird had made Mission: Impossible 4 animated, you know? Wouldn’t that have been cool? No. Why not? … I think it’s cooler if you make a functional reality from movie to movie. — Commentary Track Stars,
Mission Impossible 3 @1:14:11

[re: ‘There is another’] What was the speculation amongst fans…? … I don’t think I guessed that it was Leia. … I vaguely, vaguely remember … speculation that Boba Fett was the ‘other’. … That’s just people being idiots. — Commentary Track Stars,
Star Wars 5: Empire Strikes Back @0:11:56

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