I bet ya priests have a lot of tricks for staying off God’s radar. … There’s probably a bag with chicken bones in it that you put on your doorway and then God can’t see what you’re doing inside. — Commentary Track Stars and Sofa Dogs,
Dogma @0:34:39

Rodriguez [said] it’s going to be … an exact adaptation of the books. It’s all the same story. It’s a guy’s pissed off. He’s gotta go save a girl or get revenge. … And he’s gotta go kill a bunch of people on the way to killing one guy. — Commentary Track Stars,
Sin City (Hard Goodbye) @0:10:47

The only time I really laughed out loud was out of surprise. … To me, laughing out loud is not a good indicator of something being funny. — Commentary Track Stars,
Portlandia ‘One More Episode’ @0:03:15

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