Earlier in this story, he punched a man’s face thru brick. Mm-hmm. This is a man who’s strong enough to punch thru brick… trapped in a brick room. Well, I think that’s a stylistic thing. — Commentary Track Stars,
Sin City (Hard Goodbye) @0:15:19

I missed out on the Batman & Robin commentary. … And I had some things I wanted to say about that movie, so I’ll say them now. Okay. ‘What?! Oh come on! Really? Pfft.’ — Commentary Track Stars,
Citizen Kane @0:18:48

When I was a little kid, [I wondered] ‘What does the Empire do that’s so bad?’ … Suddenly I recalled from school there was this civil war and the rebels wanted slavery. … I started thinking, ‘Are the rebels the bad guys?’ — Commentary Track Stars,
Family Guy: Blue Harvest @0:23:44

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