[as stormtrooper] Look sir, a circle! … There’s no way this is part of the pod. This is definitely a droid. … Only droids have circles like this. — STAN Podcast,
Star Wars 4: A New Hope @0:18:15

A good hero says, ‘I’m not goin’ on this adventure!’ … And then he gets forced into it. … It’s like Scooby Doo. … [laughter] You’re right! Luke Skywalker is just like Scooby Doo! ‘Uh uh! Not me!’ — Tysto Commentaries,
Star Wars 4: A New Hope @0:38:08

Look at that alien on the left. It’s like a pig with a wig on. Check it out. Dude, I never noticed that before! That thing looked awful. — STAN Podcast,
Star Wars 4: A New Hope @0:52:18

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