Why is the music so dramatic here, when they’re just [putting away groceries]? ‘Cause somebody’s a vegetarian, but they don’t know which one is which. — Blogtor Who,
Torchwood @0:02:39

A lot of girls—and men—find [Arthur Darvill] incredibly attractive. I think he’s a looker. … If I was a homosexual, … I would ask him out on a date. … But he’s a smoker, so I wouldn’t. [laughter] You have boundaries! — Blogtor Who,
Doctor Who ‘The Girl Who Waited’ @0:30:55

What would be funny … is if … when she’s tryin’ to get in the Tardis, she got pushed out of the way by Rory the Robot, and he just went in. [laughter] B’bye! … And then there’s a spinoff series with Rory and K-9. — Blogtor Who,
Doctor Who ‘The Girl Who Waited’ @0:31:53

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