[re: major drama] It’s called ‘Miracle Day,’ where no one dies. Uh-oh. Ha ha! Problem. … There’s other ways to create drama other than dying. Name one. My first wife. — Blogtor Who,
Torchwood ‘Miracle Day: The New World’ @0:10:25

I love that he’s chattin’ [Kelly] up in the women’s section. … She does have a certain kind of— je ne sais quoi? [hems] Don’t you dare. … She’s disheveled, weird, and hooped-earinged. ‘Chav,’ I think, is the word. — Blogtor Who,
Doctor Who ‘Closing Time’ @0:37:38

He’s actually written, I think, two books on Charles Dickens. Who? Mark Gatiss has? No. Simon Callow. … And he has played Charles Dickens on stage many times. — Blogtor Who,
Doctor Who ‘The Unquiet Dead’ @0:08:18

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