I’m just a guy sittin’ in a room on a commentary, but even if I was on the run from anyone … I would have ditched the phone. … She’s phonin’ her sister! — Blogtor Who,
Torchwood ‘Miracle Day: Dead of Night’ @0:09:32

Do you know why [the baby is] computer generated? … Russel T Davies is actually scared of babies. [laughter] I didn’t know that! … He’s got babyphobia? — Blogtor Who,
Torchwood ‘Miracle Day: The New World’ @0:07:03

Here’s Charlie Baker again. He’s about to bite the big one. … What I wanted to know … is: did he become a Jedi knight? They are referred to as ‘Headless Monks.’ — Blogtor Who,
Doctor Who ‘A Good Man Goes to War’ @0:08:53

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