[love scene] He can’t age, so he’ll always look like that? Well, no, because, remember, they discussed the fact that he’s got gray hairs and stuff. … And he ends up as the Face of Bum. [laughter] Is that a Freudian slip?! — Blogtor Who,
Torchwood @0:13:14

We’ve got blogger, an Internet conspirator, who’s afraid of girls. [sarcastically] Good one, Toby Whithouse. Nice bit of a non-stereotypical characterization, there. Well done! But kudos on the cute girls. — Blogtor Who,
Doctor Who ‘God Complex’ @0:11:21

[Evidence collection] Now look at that. They’ve been to McDonald’s. They’ve got their burgers, and they’re off. ‘See you later, guys! I’ve got my Happy Meal!’ — Blogtor Who,
Torchwood ‘Miracle Day: End of the Road’ @0:23:09

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