[re: Amy’s problem] You send him off to get someone else pregnant, then you keep the child. There’s loads of options. In-sem-in-ate! — Blogtor Who,
Doctor Who ‘Asylum of the Daleks’ @0:37:58

[Auton bridal mannequins] Women are gettin’ married in the window. Three of them. [laughter] Modern times! Not only is it a same-sex marriage, … it’s also three of them. — Blogtor Who,
Doctor Who ‘Rose’ @0:38:05

I like the fact that [the Sontaran is] a nurse. … Yes. There’s a nice payoff later on with Rory, isn’t there? … But … he’s the kind of guy that would shoot you and then mend you again. … Hmm. A bit like my first wife. — Blogtor Who,
Doctor Who ‘A Good Man Goes to War’ @0:11:20

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