What made me chuckle here is [River] fires off five [shots]. She didn’t have her sixth one ’cause she’d already blew it on his hat. — Blogtor Who,
Doctor Who ‘The Impossible Astronaut’ @0:09:09

The beautiful River Song, or to give her her proper name— ‘River Phoenix’? No. … Oh, ‘Mary Poppins’! Look at this! [laughter] ♪♫ A spoonful of time travel— ♫♪ — Blogtor Who,
Doctor Who ‘A Good Man Goes to War’ @0:12:20

Who is the person on the bed? She is a member of the royal family. Really?! Yeah. The queen? — Blogtor Who,
Sherlock ‘Scandal in Belgravia’ @0:04:35

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