At this point, you know that Max Shrek is not making it out of the movie, right? Oh, right, yeah. ‘Cause he saw [Bruce’s] face? It’s like, oh, Max is dead. — Batman Universe,
Batman Returns @1:57:05

Originally, … the driver had to wear the Batsuit. … And it got really, really hot in there. … They changed the windows so you couldn’t see thru it. And so the guy in there is probably just wearing his underwear. — Batman Universe,
Batman Begins @1:39:35

They say ‘What shall we do with the Penguin? … Well, let’s find out what his game is.’ And Adam West just turns around and says, ‘What’s your game, Penguin?’ [laughter]The king of subtlety. — Batman Universe,
Batman: The Movie @1:08:26

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