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  1. Batman (1989) (24)
  2. Batman Returns (17)
  3. Batman Forever (14)
  4. Batman & Robin (23)

Christopher Nolan films

  1. Batman Begins (15)
  2. The Dark Knight (21)
  3. The Dark Knight Rises (9)

Animated series

Animated movies

Live television series

I’d like to know where the Joker got overnight embroidery done for his goons’ jackets. … Do you go to the store where they make embroideries and say, ‘Can you make it look exactly like my weird, deformed face?’ — TWIG Commentaries,
Batman @0:47:10

You know, like, the choreography? They must have rehearsed this. You can see the Joker in his suit goin’ ‘All right guys, no one’s going to bed until we get this right. Show time’s tomorrow.’ — Batman Universe,
Batman @1:07:06

How does he think he’s gonna lead up to this? He’s talking nonsense. ‘A guy kisses his wife and kids goodbye— What I’m trying to say is: I’m Batman.’ — Batman Universe,
Batman @1:24:50

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