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Pre-1989 Batman film and television

Burton-Schumacher films

  1. Batman (1989) (24)
  2. Batman Returns (17)
  3. Batman Forever (14)
  4. Batman & Robin (23)

Christopher Nolan films

  1. Batman Begins (15)
  2. The Dark Knight (21)
  3. The Dark Knight Rises (9)

Animated series

Animated movies

Live television series

You know, Gotham City is the only city in America that’s over 50% alley-ways. — Alan Smithee Podcast,
Batman @1:11:15

There was an article in Maxim magazine. … The total cost to be Batman with all of his gear [was] $2.86 million. … If we win the lottery, … I’ll be Bruce Wayne, and you can be Batman. Or you can be a really fat Robin. — TWIG Commentaries,
Batman @1:19:29

[Vicky shouts ‘pass the salt’ at dinner] Bruce: totally missing the point. It was just a joke, Bruce. And he looks like he’s walking back happy. ‘Okay, uhh, I got that done.’ — Batman Universe,
Batman @0:35:57

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