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Original series

  1. Alien (13)
  2. Aliens (11)
  3. Alien 3 (5)
  4. Alien: Resurrection (4)

Other productions

  1. Alien vs Predator (7)
  2. Alien vs Predator: Requiem (2)
  3. Prometheus (2012) (8)

Lance Henriksen actually plays Bishop [the android] in Aliens. … But if I was the marketing department … trying to decide the face … Well, you’d choose your own. … Well, I wouldn’t choose Old Leatherface himself. — Speakeasy,
Alien vs Predator

Ah, Ultraslime, is there nothing you can’t do in a movie? — Down in Front,
Alien @1:18:26

I had to do this in Pet Semetary 2—to make a cat hiss. … How did you freak out the cat? … We used our fake dog. It turned out that the fake dog was— … The cat ‘uncanny valley’? Yeah. … [The cat] would go, ‘Noooo. Wroooong.’ — Down in Front,
Alien @1:11:27

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