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Original series

  1. Alien (13)
  2. Aliens (11)
  3. Alien 3 (5)
  4. Alien: Resurrection (4)

Other productions

  1. Alien vs Predator (7)
  2. Alien vs Predator: Requiem (2)
  3. Prometheus (2012) (8)

It would only have been made better if, as the alien fell into the molten lead, it just gave a thumbs up. [laughter] … I’m sure I’ve seen that somewhere before. — Speakeasy,
Alien 3 @2:13:08

You can’t beat a flame-thrower. … Any film with a flame-thrower in it, we’re going to enjoy on some level. … I don’t think I’ve ever seen a film that I haven’t liked with a flame-thrower in it. —,
Alien: Resurrection @0:52:44

[the Joss Whedon Alien 4 script] It wasn’t gonna be great. … If this was the Ripley series, it would be a different thing. Ripley. Ripleys. Ripley 3. Ripley Resurrection. That would be fine! … [laughter] Ripley vs Predator? — Commentary Track Stars,
Alien @0:51:19

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