Every time a great movie comes out, Matt says, ‘Three people told me it was horrible.’ But the people you talk to are like your son, your wife, and a lesbian cage fighter. — DVD PodBlast,
Leprechaun @1:27:53

[as implanter] I’m going to plant naked images of myself in your brain. Tell me if you like them. Here’s casual me…. Here’s me at Universal Studios next to Shrek. Isn’t he tall? … Ooh, ooh. Here’s me at the beach. — Adudathuda PodBlast,
Aeon Flux @0:39:43

How many cats does it take for a woman to become a crazy cat lady? Uh, 4. … It’s like 3 or 4. … You’re definitely crazy if you have, I would say, 10. That’s beyond crazy! — Adudathuda PodBlast,
Batman Returns @0:27:31

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