[shirtless Cage] Uh, do you have tickets to the gun show…? Which way is the beach, Nick?Should he find a veterinarian soon? Why is that? ‘Cause those puppies are so sick. — Adudathuda PodBlast,
Ghost Rider @1:16:14

All right. That’s a problem, when all the animals are leavin’ town. You know what’s coming in? Tasmanian Devil. — DVD PodBlast,
Dreamcatcher @0:41:20

Hello, Miss East. Wow! Oh, here we go, baby! [laughter] Hmmm, Tokyo Rose.Wild Wild Breast! [laughter] … Would she be milking this scene for all it’s worth? — Adudathuda PodBlast,
Wild Wild West @0:40:29

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