It also has a couple of extra features … none of which feature the mysterious Mr. Travis Fort [pronounced ‘trav-EE FOR’], our director. He has no other credits … in IMDb, which leads me to believe: he comes from Broadway. — Tysto Commentaries,
2012: Ice Age @0:02:12

I don’t even know how he got on the boat. … Cute story: there’s about two minutes missing out of the movie there, because— I was saying that! … I said, ‘I feel like the layer change skipped over a couple minutes.’ — Down in Front,
2010: Moby Dick @1:13:23

They’re just doing tests on Ward to find out why he freaked out … Why would you freak out in a place full of spiderwebs and that’s super claustrophobic and there are dead bodies? — SWORD AOS,
Agents of SHIELD @0:20:00

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