Why do we want an elephant to die? … For all you know, these are your ancestors. So if they don’t get something to eat, you would never exist. … Spsh! Steve just disappeared! Aww! He should have cared about that mammoth! — Film Pigs,
10,000 BC

Lance Henriksen actually plays Bishop [the android] in Aliens. … But if I was the marketing department … trying to decide the face … Well, you’d choose your own. … Well, I wouldn’t choose Old Leatherface himself. — Speakeasy,
Alien vs Predator

If Schwarzenegger was ever going to win an Oscar, this is the moment. He’s playing himself talking to himself in a moment of tenderness, teamwork, pathos… and they blow something up. — Tysto Commentaries,
The 6th Day @1:19:56

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