This movie has … a lot of the feel of a ’70s gritty cop drama. We see a lot of prostitutes… We see a lot of bars… This movie could have been called 48 Bars. — Tysto Commentaries,
48 Hrs. @0:13:33

Wouldn’t it be great if, literally, ‘full of stars’ was just all dead stars go there, like Don Knotts and Bob Hope? So it’s like the elephant’s graveyard except for celebrities…? It’s like Night of A Thousand Stars in a monolith on Europa. — Fred Entertainment,
2010 @0:03:52

Bow ties are cool. If only he was wearing a fez, he’d be a complete inspiration for Doctor Who. There is some similarity, actually. — Film Bin,
Buckaroo Banzai @0:28:45

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