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Some random quotes

If you were a ghost, … you would want to talk to kids, right? … I’d want to talk to postal workers. I’d want to talk to college students and be like, [spooky voice] ‘Staaaay in schoooool.’ — Technicolor Commentary,
Stir of Echoes @0:39:24

There’s a nice bit there, by the way—[Uhura is] delivering a bit of information that becomes vital later while undressing. I like that technique. [laughter] Yes! That’s a good film-making technique. — Speakeasy & Tysto,
Star Trek @0:39:52

When I travel, there’s a bottle of water that you pay 5 bucks for. Here, there’s a bottle of Smirnoff. … And a second in the drawer that he just pulled out! — Prognois Negative,
Dr. No @0:43:49

It’s a character piece, you know? [grunt] I don’t mind Doctor Who doing that from time to time, doing a full-on character piece. I don’t mind that either. It’s the space chicken that drives me crazy. — Radio Free Skaro,
Doctor Who ‘Vincent and the Doctor’ @0:43:13

Ahh, Ginger, you’re in so much trouble now, mate. You see, if you took your earphones off, you could hear your boyfriend gettin’ mullered, and you could leg it, at least. — Simply Syndicated,
The Terminator

[re: if Boba Fett hadn’t been hiding] Vader … doesn’t bother to block the shots at Boba Fett. [laughs] And Boba Fett just keels over. [as Vader] Oop. Oh well. Not my fault. He was as clumsy as he was stupid. Apology accepted. — Tysto Commentaries,
Star Wars 5: The Empire Strikes Back @1:31:06

They were smart to avoid referencing the president. Absolutely. Like, you never really see anything about the government. Or any politician. — Down in Front,
Team America: World Police @1:41:34

There’s not a lot of characters in this movie. … And one each of them drives the plot forward. … In the remake, … no one pushes that plot forward the way they do in this one. — Soulless Minions,
The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951) @0:48:52

I really have a problem with Morpheus’ attitude. … ‘Don’t ask me for reasons, because you’ll find out I have none.’ … Morpheus is basically an analog for the Wachowskis. [long pause] Wow. Whoa. — Down in Front,
The Matrix Reloaded @0:10:38

Oh! She squeezed it too much! … That’s quite horrific. What Steven Moffat has done there— Is turned a baby into milk. … It’s, like, killed a baby! — Blogtor Who,
Doctor Who ‘A Good Man Goes to War’ @0:40:51

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