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Some random quotes

[regaining consciousness in freefall] I’ve got to say that the amount of nights I’ve gone out and woken up the following morning exactly in this situation— [laughter] Yeah. I’m really p*ssed off with it, actually. — Speakeasy,
Predators @0:03:49

Canada’s pretty. Why do you say this is Canada over and over? … They shot the beautiful Wyoming in Canada. Because the actual Wyoming is just covered in Starbucks by now. [laughter] There’s three on that lake. — Film Pigs,
Brokeback Mountain @1:29:52

The monster POV shots are great. Yeah. Of course, it’s not exactly a POV, first of all, because they don’t have eyes. [laughter] And second of all— Because they’re underground. But we get the idea. — Double D,
Tremors @1:11:48

[as Vader] ♫ And the cat’s in the cradle with the silver spoon, Little Boy Blue, and the Man in the Moon….♫ [cries] — Rifftrax,
Star Wars 6: Return of the Jedi @1:28:38

Fay Wray … only worked on the film for 10 weeks, but those 10 weeks were spread out over 10 months. There was so much time between filming periods that some of the actors were able to make entire movies. — Sean Pultz,
King Kong (1933) @0:16:58

[as Harry] ‘I never realized how beautiful this place was…’ until Dumbledore died. … Now that Dumbledore is dead, … the sun has come out! … We should’ve killed Dumbledore years ago! — Tysto Commentaries,
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince @2:25:47

If I were him, I’d just wait until I heard a stabbing noise and go into that house. [laughter] But that’s probably not the way you’re meant to do it. — MMM Commentaries,
Minority Report @0:12:30

This movie behaves as if it is … a story of an arrogant man coming to humility and then saving the day at the end, and none of that really actually happens. — Down in Front,
Thor @0:26:26

Why is Scotty sitting there, with him, watching him play solitaire? … That’s kind of a contradiction. … He can’t share it. … That’s ‘dualtaire’. — Terror Transmission,
The Thing from Another World @1:19:30

[re: Alfred’s death] I supposed they could’ve brought in Aunt Harriet. Imagine who they would have got to play her. … Like, one of the Spice Girls. [laughter] … Queen Latifah. — Batman Universe,
Batman & Robin @0:58:15

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