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Some random quotes

Her handwriting looks exactly like Zapf Chancery. But it’s the world of tomorrow, Brian. — Film Sack,
Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow @0:08:50

[Harry packs] Welp, summer with the fat creeps, then back this fall to face another deadly, unspeakable evil! — Rifftrax,
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix @2:05:30

I’d expect you to carry me across the jungle. At least bury me in English soil, sir. I’d leave you there. … Would you just leave me in the jungle…?! Ha! I’d cook ya and eat ya. — Speakeasy,
Predator @0:54:41

Hold on! They got into the lift, which he could have pressed the button and they could’ve been shark bait. So he’s just wasted a helicopter! Not just that; he must’ve actually just wasted a pilot. — Renegade Commentaries,
The Spy Who Loved Me @0:19:17

I think they totally had a thing going on between them. … The way Jackie is…? More power to Mickey, if he gets the mom and the daughter. Way to go, Mickey, you sleezeball. — Radio Free Skaro,
Doctor Who ‘World War Three’ @0:40:45

If you were a ghost, … you would want to talk to kids, right? … I’d want to talk to postal workers. I’d want to talk to college students and be like, [spooky voice] ‘Staaaay in schoooool.’ — Technicolor Commentary,
Stir of Echoes @0:39:24

Oh, there’s Jimmy Big-Hands. [laughter] … Now, they were saying these tunnels are really old. … Are they growing them? … Building a home? I doubt they are. … With those hands, they aren’t gonna build much. — Blogtor Who,
Doctor Who ‘The Impossible Astronaut’ @0:37:12

How exactly in the continuity of this reality do they explain what the hell just happened? I dunno. There’s a ship lodged in the side of this building! — Commentary Track Stars,
Galaxy Quest @1:36:32

The one shirt he didn’t cut the hole in, and it’s the raggediest one—that you probably should cut a hole in. And you can still see the nipples thru. Mmm. Well, those are CG. — Down in Front,
Iron Man @1:38:07

Civilization, despite the fact that it’s collapsing, seems to be collapsing in a terribly organized fashion. … We’ve gone from miracle to concentration camps in the space of less than two weeks, which is remarkably efficient. — Impossible Podcast,
Torchwood ‘Miracle Day – Categories of Life’ @0:06:48

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