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Some random quotes

The final epic battle. Good vs evil. Gold vs powder blue. Religion vs cruelty. Fat vs muscle. — Film Bin,
Nacho Libre @1:15:52

[Effects supervisor] Phil Tippett will become 12 years old in the presence of [stop-motion master] Ray Harryhausen. I’ve seen it happen. And it’s adorable. — Down in Front,
The Nightmare Before Christmas @0:18:23

I like the bit later where they explain it again and that book gets thrown at them. Yes, I like the book. I thought the book did better acting than John Levene. — MMM Commentaries,
Doctor Who ‘The Daemons’

This chopper is in the air two hours straight, thruout the movie, and they never do anything. [laughs] They just fly towards their goal. — Double D,
Cliffhanger @1:10:28

I was actually 10 in ’62. … If you asked me who the president was in ’62, I would have no idea. … I might be tempted to say Eisenhower. I think it was Bill Pullman. [laughter]’62. Truman? [laughter] Sure. We should look it up. — Film Pigs,
Brokeback Mountain @0:07:44

[re: lightcycles] Would you … go into the game and play this?Yeah! … Even if it was your own ass in there? Okay, now that’s a slightly different matter. One of my primary characteristics is extreme cowardice. — Denim Cowboy and Speakeasy,
Tron: Legacy @0:42:29

The idea behind this fight was that the elevator was too small. … These two big guys, … would not have any room, and it would be really awkward. The problem is … it’s really awkward. You can’t film it properly! — Tysto Commentaries,
Diamonds Are Forever 0:23:14

The movie doesn’t imply that Godzilla is a walking nuclear weapon. It tells you up front he’s a walking nuclear weapon. Feels like the subtext is kind of destroyed. — Thunder Moose,
The Return of Godzilla

Terrible, terrible weather in the Tyrolean Mountains. That may actually be having an impact on their tourism trade: endless lightning storms. — Tysto Commentaries,
Son of Frankenstein @0:22:26

Other than the alien, there’s nobody to root for in this movie. — Speakeasy,
Alien 3 @0:25:23

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