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Some random quotes

And why is his suit okay? … It looks clean, actually. It looks like it’s in better shape. Well, that’s what it is. It’s an age reversal/dry cleaning machine, I think. — Radio Free Skaro,
Doctor Who ‘The Lazarus Experiment’ @0:14:47

Those are hard drives from 1991. … You see that pile of stuff right there? Nowadays, he’d be, like, this thumb drive. — Down in Front,
Terminator 2 @1:53:23

[infant Kirk cries] [as George Kirk] Lieutenant Baby? Is that you? Leonardo DiCaprio, in a very special cameo role. — Rifftrax,
Star Trek (2009) @0:11:57

Sam’s the one who really has the hero’s journey. … He has the arc. He goes from the guy who can’t ask Rosie out to the guy who comes back and marries Rosie. … Frodo is so damaged … that he doesn’t get to have a happy ending. — Down in Front,
LotR: Fellowship of the Ring @0:22:56

You know, that’s one staple that all bad guys have, is big teeth. Big teeth? Really? Yeah. Look at John Travolta. — ScrewAttack,
Sonic the Hedgehog ‘Super Sonic’

Notice how Ophelia just changes her clothes and suddenly is, for the rest of the film, completely respectable. [laughs] … It’s also equally strange: Coleman is happy with this plan to shotgun everyone at Duke & Duke! — Tysto Commentaries,
Trading Places @1:28:15

Okay, so we got the Mac dude in this movie. They should have got the PC guy as a different character. Maybe the PC guy could have been the villain. That would have been awesome. — Bronson Five,
Live Free or Die Hard @0:31:47

[Master hits Doctor] Oh, he hit him! I don’t remember that! Oh yeah. And the slash writers go crazy. Yep. Well, more crazy than they already are. — Radio Free Skaro,
Doctor Who ‘End of Time 2′ @0:34:57

[re: International Space Station] I operate the electrical and thermal systems. … I work in Mission Control. … I’m in charge of the big solar arrays. — What Are You Doing, Movie?,
Gravity @0:41:53

[This is] the kind of heavy-handed scene where he’s like, ‘They were going to destroy us because we’re mean. But … we’ve got a second chance.’ … Well, thank you, 1980s, for giving us that moment and Superman 4. — Down in Front,
The Abyss @2:42:34

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