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microphoneHaving an entry on the House of Commentaries gives your work more exposure to people who are interested in it and makes it easier to find. And I link to your page where possible instead of directly to the files, so visitors see your site, which can gains you valuable readership.

You can submit any commentary (your own or some you found on the Web) by adding a comment on this page with a URL for the download page for the audio files. That means that, if it’s your commentary, you’ll need a place to host the files yourself, such as a website of your own, a free blog at WordPress or wherever, or a place at the Internet Archive. If you don’t have or don’t want a site of your own, I can even host your files here on

Wanting to do a commentary but can’t decide what to pick? I’ve created a whole list of movies I can’t believe don’t have commentaries. Or fill in one of the franchise movies that haven’t been done, or even do a classic from the AFI 100 list.

NOTE: Over time, I clear all comments on this page. If I remove a submission from this page, it’s because I have added an entry to the queue and it will post in a day or two.

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    2014.Oct.23 3pm

    Found a podcast that is going through the Star Wars Saga in chronological order (Ep 1, 2, Clone Wars series, Ep3 etc). They are also doing Rebels as the episodes come out.

    And for the record, “Spark of Rebellion” (the Rebels pilot episode/movie) is officially considered a separate movie special and “Droids in Distress” is the first episode. The podcast has SOR labeled as episode 1 and 2, but they know it is wrong and said they will correct it.

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    Bradley Taylor
    2014.Nov.11 11am

    Ultimate Movie Commentary or Incompetent Movie Commentary did commentaries for the entire Halloween franchise.

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    2015.Jan.26 1pm

    Jim Law and Johnny Moreno, formerly of the JoBlo Movie Podcast, created their own podcast site at and now have 11 pages worth of movie and TV show commentaries –

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    2015.Feb.12 2am

    Found a podcast that does a series of YouTube-based commentaries.

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    2015.Mar.04 5pm

    Website of Doom has 13 commentaries you don’t have, including one for the Popeye movie, which is sadly under represented IMHO.

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    2015.Mar.09 8am

    Two True Freaks recently did commentaries for;
    X-Men Days Of Future Past
    Captain America: The Winter Soldier
    Also they have…
    Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes
    Battle For The Planet Of The Apes
    Conquest Of The Planet Of The Apes
    Escape From The Planet Of The Apes

    Star Trek: Insurrection
    Top Gun
    The Running Man

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    Bradley Taylor
    2015.Mar.14 9am

    I did some more commentaries in the past few days. Commentaries include two episodes of Batman, three episodes with Amok Time dedicated to the Late Leonard Nimoy, and the movies Night at the Museum – Secret of the Tomb, Big Hero 6, and Poseidon Rex. Here is the link:

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    Bradley Taylor
    2015.Mar.17 6pm

    Today I did commentaries for Cheerleader Camp: To the Death (2014) and Slaughter High (1985). Here is the link:

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    Bradley Taylor
    2015.Mar.18 1am

    I found a new website that has commentaries from Leprechaun, Leprechaun 2, The Expendables 1 and 2, Jingle all the Way and more.

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    Bradley Taylor
    2015.Mar.22 4pm

    I want to thank Filmbin for doing a Batman t.v. show commentary and I did a two parter of my own with a Con Air and Abbott and Costello Go to Mars commentaries to tag along with.

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    2015.Mar.22 6pm

    Looks like there are a good number of Horrorphilia commentaries you don’t have listed yet.
    But given that one of their “video” commentaries is 3.8GB, I personally don’t care…

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    Bradley Taylor
    2015.Apr.08 7pm

    Today I did a commentary for Twins (1988). Here is the link:

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    Bradley Taylor
    2015.Apr.10 9pm

    Horrorphillia just did commentaries for Texas Chainsaw Massacres 1 and 2.

  14. Wavatar
    Bradley Taylor
    2015.Apr.11 4pm

    Hello again, I stocked more commentaries to my already stockpile list to a total of about 30 unlisted commentaries. This time I did two more Batman episodes, Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers (1987), and Killer Party (1986). Here is the link:

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    Bradley Taylor
    2015.Apr.14 2am

    Cine Mother Lovers did a commentary for A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child.

  16. Wavatar
    Bradley Taylor
    2015.Apr.19 6am

    I did some more commentaries this past week. I did more Gilligan’s Island, Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo, Hide and Seek (2005), and another Child’s Play 3. Here is the link:

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    2015.Apr.21 8pm

    Found a group that has commentaries for all the MCU films up to Thor: The Dark World.

  18. Wavatar
    2015.Apr.21 10pm

    They also did Guardians of the Galaxy last year, Batman 89, Star Trek 2009, two earlier Iron Man 1 and 2 commentaries, and all three Nolan Batman movies.

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    Bradley Taylor
    2015.Apr.23 2am

    I found a commentary for Sleepaway Camp 2: Unhappy Campers by Attack of the Killer Podcast:

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    2015.Apr.27 1am

    Found a group with 40 commentaries.

  21. Wavatar
    Bradley Taylor
    2015.Apr.27 10am

    This past weekend I did some commentaries to brighten up Zarban’s day. I did more Batman t.v. show episodes, Frozen (2013), Planes, Trains, and Automobiles (1987), and Sharknado (2013). Here is the link:

  22. Wavatar
    Bradley Taylor
    2015.May.09 8am

    I got some more commentaries for everyone: more Batman and Star Trek episodes, Sharknado 2: The Second One, and a 40th anniversary special edition for Jaws (1975). Here is the link:

  23. Wavatar
    Bradley Taylor
    2015.May.27 9am did a commentary for Sleepaway Camp 2: Unhappy Campers.

  24. Wavatar
    Bradley Taylor
    2015.May.28 1pm

    Hydrophilic did some commentaries for Sharknadn and Sleepaway Camp.

  25. Wavatar
    Bradley Taylor
    2015.May.28 7pm

    ^^^That’s Horrorphilia, not Hydrophilic and it’s Sharknado, not Sharknadn.

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    2015.May.29 5pm

    These guys have commentaries on every Twin Peaks episode.

  27. Wavatar
    Bradley Taylor
    2015.Jun.01 8pm

    Horrorphilia did a commentary for Silent Rage.

  28. Wavatar
    Bradley Taylor
    2015.Jun.03 5pm

    Hydrophilic did a commentary for Sleepaway Camp 2: Unhappy Campers.

  29. Wavatar
    Bradley Taylor
    2015.Jun.03 6pm

    ^^^That’s Horrorphilia that did the commentary for Sleepaway Camp 2: Unhappy Campers.

  30. Wavatar
    Bradley Taylor
    2015.Jun.09 4pm

    Horrorphilia did a commentary for Sleepaway Camp 3: Teenage Wasteland.

  31. Wavatar
    2015.Jun.13 7am

    The podcast/website that I work for (Super Marcey’s Super Podcast) has posted a couple of new audio commentaries over the past couple of months if you want to check them out here:

    We plan on doing some more in the future.

  32. Wavatar
    Bradley Taylor
    2015.Jun.14 3am

    I did a few commentaries in the last few days. I did ones for Raiders of the Lost Shark, Girl House, an episode of ALF for the memory of Anne Meara, and another one for Friday the 13th in memory of Betsy Palmer. Here is the link:

  33. Wavatar
    2015.Jun.16 3pm

    “Shut Up and Watch This” is apparently gone for good. Timey said on Twitter that some of the episodes were being archived on Old Oilhouse, but I couldn’t find them.

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    2015.Jun.23 10pm

    We did Commentaries for the Star Wars prequel trilogy… don’t ask me why! They can be found at:

    By the way, R.I.P. to James Horner… it seems I’ve been doing memorials every week now. In this case though, A bit of my soul died when I heard that news

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    2015.Jun.24 6am

    Commentaries on the first two episodes of Frasier –

  36. Wavatar
    2015.Jun.25 3am

    Super Marcey’s Super Podcast Audio Commentary: The Patriot (2000)

    Super Marcey’s Super Podcast Audio Commentary Edition: Judge Dredd

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    Bradley Taylor
    2015.Jun.26 2am

    This evening I did a new Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Kahn commentary in memory of Leonard Nimoy, Harve Bennett, and James Horner. Here is the link:

  38. Wavatar
    Bradley Taylor
    2015.Jun.26 3pm

    Attack of the Killer Podcast did a commentary for Sleepaway Camp 3: Teenage Wasteland.

  39. Wavatar
    Bradley Taylor
    2015.Jun.29 2pm

    I racked up some more commentaries in the last few days. I did The Boy Next Door (2015), Career Opportunities (1991), Terror at Tenkiller (1987), and 30th anniversary commentary for Legend (Theatrical Cut). Here is the link:

  40. Wavatar
    2015.Jun.30 1am

    “Hey, want to watch A movie?” did a Goonies commentary.

  41. Wavatar
    Bradley Taylor
    2015.Jul.04 3pm

    Happy Independence Day everyone! I did my duty by doing a 4th of July special commentary for Top Gun. That would make it to about 60 commentaries that zarban should work on. Here is the link and happy 4th of July.

  42. Wavatar
    Nicole Loftus
    2015.Jul.06 10am

    Dear Bradley Taylor
    My name is Nicole Loftus I love your Commentaries
    Can you do Like Hook Phantom Of The Opera 2004 Watchmen Hard Candy The Punisher 2004 Romeo + Juliet 1996 Titanic 1997 Some Johnny Depp movies I would love that
    sincerely Nicole

  43. Wavatar
    2015.Jul.06 12pm

    Here’s a commentary for Superman III that me and Tom (from DVD commentaries) did last year sometime.

  44. Wavatar
    Bradley Taylor
    2015.Jul.06 2pm

    To Nicole Luftus, welcome to I’m touched that you like some of my commentaries. Which one did you listen to out of curiosity? I don’t know if I can do all the ones you requested. I never seen Titanic between it’s a nonfiction movie and it’s not a big deal to me. I have done some Johnny Depp movies like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Private Resort, Sleepy Hollow, A Nightmare on Elm Street, etc. I’m open to some more of his movies like The Pirates of the Caribbean, Edward Scissorhands, etc.

  45. Wavatar
    Nicole Loftus
    2015.Jul.09 2pm

    Hi Bradley it’s me again
    I love Disney Movies like Peter Pan Cinderella Snow White and many other Animated movies are you doing real life action Disney movies
    Do Face Off With John Travolta

  46. Wavatar
    Bradley Taylor
    2015.Jul.09 6pm

    I’m thinking about the latest live action version of Cinderella, but it’s not available in any format right now. I’ll see what I can do. But you mentioned Snow White, which is of course the one film that started it all for the Disney company. Face off with John Travolta and Nicholas Cage may be down the line at some point.

  47. Wavatar
    Bradley Taylor
    2015.Jul.09 7pm

    NFW Podcast did a commentary for Jaws 2. In the next couple of weeks, they’ll have commentaries for Jaws 3 and 4 as well.

  48. Wavatar
    Dave Cooper
    2015.Jul.10 9am

    Cultdom Commentary: Dr Who – Carnival of Monsters (Episodes 3 & 4)


    RSS Feed:

    Blog Post:

    Cheers daveac – for Ian, Mike & Dave

  49. Wavatar
    Nicole Loftus
    2015.Jul.10 1pm

    Grease 2
    Hook 1991
    Urban Cowboy
    Look Who’s Talking 1 2 3
    The Punisher 2004
    Wild Hogs
    Saturday Night Fever


  50. Wavatar
    Bradley Taylor
    2015.Jul.10 1pm

    NFW Podcast did a commentary on Jaws 3. The movie is so bad that it’s funny. Kudos to them for making my day.

  51. Wavatar
    Bradley Taylor
    2015.Jul.11 6am

    I did some commentaries on Gilligan’s Island and Star Trek episodes this week. The link to this batch is:

  52. Wavatar
    Bradley Taylor
    2015.Jul.12 3pm

    In light of the upcoming new National Lampoon’s Vacation movie, I did a commentary for the 1983 classic along with the 2005 movie Spring Break Shark Attack. Here is the link:

  53. Wavatar
    Nicole Loftus
    2015.Jul.13 10am

    national lampoon’s european vacation
    Vegas Vacation
    Sixteen Candles
    Uncle Buck

  54. Wavatar
    Bradley Taylor
    2015.Jul.13 11am

    ^^There is a commentary for Uncle Buck in case you’re interested.

  55. Wavatar
    Nicole Loftus
    2015.Jul.13 1pm

    Sixteen candles
    Vegas Vacation
    National Lampoon Europen Vaction
    I do want you to do Hook and Face Off

  56. Wavatar
    Bradley Taylor
    2015.Jul.13 1pm

    ^^Sometime down the road I’ll do Vegas Vacation, European Vacation, and Hook. I’ve never seen sixteen candles or Face Off. Right now I should let Zarban catch up with me. He’s got 60 commentaries waiting in line to be listed or catalogued.

  57. Wavatar
    2015.Jul.15 10am
  58. Wavatar
    Nicole Loftus
    2015.Jul.17 1pm

    Honey I Shrunk The Kids
    Honey We Shrunk Ourselves
    Honey I Blew Up The Kid

  59. Wavatar
    2015.Jul.18 6am

    Hi there,

    We have a new Film Bin commentary, and it’s for ‘Wasabi’.

    Thank you!

  60. Wavatar
    Horrorphilia Jason
    2015.Jul.19 1pm

    Our NFW Movie Commentary podcast has 99 different commentaries. Yall have some of them linked but here is a full list of all of them.

  61. Wavatar
    Horrorphilia Jason
    2015.Jul.19 2pm
  62. Wavatar
    Horrorphilia Jason
    2015.Jul.19 2pm
  63. Wavatar
    Nicole Loftus
    2015.Jul.19 2pm

    Horrorphillia Jason Can you do Carrie 1976 and 2013

  64. Wavatar
    Gill Rockatansky
    2015.Jul.19 3pm

    Here are the shows that Two Drink Minimum Commentaries have available. They’re video podcasts, but with the video rendered at a low bitrate to keep file sizes reasonable.




    Batman the Movie:

    Mad Max:

    Mad Max 2:

    Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome:

    Prom Night III – The Last Kiss:

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990):

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 – The Secret of the Ooze:




    Two Thousand Maniacs:


    Braindead/Dead Alive:


    Transformers the Movie:


    Cool as Ice:

    Flash Gordon:


    I, Madman:

    Maximum Overdrive:

    Night of the Living Dead (1968):

    No Retreat, No Surrender:

    Ong Bak:

    The Thing:


    Twilight Zone the Movie:

    Howard the Duck/The Adventures of Ford Fairlane:

    The Sword and the Sorcerer:

    American Ninja:


    The Deadly Spawn:

    Tenacious D – The Pick of Destiny:

    Troll 2:


    Stone Cold:

    Roger Corman’s Fantastic Four:

    Class of 1999:

    Lawnmower Man:

    Trick or Treat:

  65. Wavatar
    Gill Rockatansky
    2015.Jul.19 7pm
  66. Wavatar
    Bradley Taylor
    2015.Jul.20 10pm

    I went at it this weekend with some more commentaries. I did Student Bodies (1981), Hook (1991), Ace Ventura – Pet Detective (1993), 2 episodes of MASH, and my 700th ever commentary: Angels in the Outfield (1994). Here is the link:

  67. Wavatar
    Bradley Taylor
    2015.Jul.21 12am

    While I was at it, I did some more commentaries last night for Prom Night (1980) and two episodes of The Munsters. Here is the link:

  68. Wavatar
    Bradley Taylor
    2015.Jul.28 9pm

    I did a special treat today for Jason Jimbo Ritter with three new Futurama commentaries along with a Little Mermaid II – Return to the Sea and a Mega Shark Vs Giant Octopus commentaries. Here is the link and enjoy:

  69. Wavatar
    2015.Jul.31 12am

    My commentary for Dave McKean’s MirrorMask

  70. Wavatar
    Bradley Taylor
    2015.Aug.01 10pm

    I got into the Halloween spirit a little early this year with the Munster, Go Home commentary along with a new Honeymooners episode commentary. Here is the link:

  71. Wavatar
    2015.Aug.02 2am

    I just did my first commentary for Bean: The Movie (1997). Below is the link on

  72. Wavatar
    2015.Aug.08 6am

    A commentary for Godzilla – The Monster Wars Part 2

  73. Wavatar
    Bradley Taylor
    2015.Aug.18 11pm

    NFW Podcast has done commentaries for Nightmare on Elm Streets 1-5.

  74. Wavatar
    Bradley Taylor
    2015.Aug.19 12am

    All My Heroes Wear Mask Podcast did a commentary for Sleepaway Camp 2: Unhappy Campers.

  75. Wavatar
    Bradley Taylor
    2015.Aug.19 4pm

    Today I did a commentary for a Batman t.v. show episode in the memory of Yvonne Craig who played Batgirl. Plus I did another Futurama episode. Here is the link:

  76. Wavatar
    Nicole Loftus
    2015.Aug.20 12pm

    How about all of the X-Men
    The Punisher 2004 Spider Man Bradley Taylor

  77. Wavatar
    Bradley Taylor
    2015.Aug.20 2pm

    I might possibly do one or two X-Men movies. Never heard of the Punisher. And I did do Spider-Man 2 from 2004.

  78. Wavatar
    Nicole Loftus
    2015.Aug.22 7pm

    Can Someone do The Punisher 2004
    Hard Candy 2006 and Phantom OF The opera 2004

  79. Wavatar
    2015.Aug.22 10pm

    Kevin Smith on The Bad News Bears ’76 –

  80. Wavatar
    2015.Aug.23 4am

    I do not mean to sound like a douche ( I really don’t) but is anyone even reading this page anymore?

  81. Wavatar
    Jacob Thuecks
    2015.Aug.23 7pm

    green blooded bastard on iTunes.


  82. Wavatar
    Bradley Taylor
    2015.Aug.23 8pm

    To Geometroid: I tried twittering Zarban himself and got no response. He’s either busy, out of town, computer on the fritz, or all of the above. Hopefully he’ll get back to us soon.

  83. Wavatar
    Bradley Taylor
    2015.Aug.24 2am

    NFW Podcast did a commentary for Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare.

  84. Wavatar
    2015.Aug.24 4pm

    Ok, Square deal. I wasn’t tyring to rush him but I was getting worried. I have a great love for this site :)

  85. Wavatar
    Bradley Taylor
    2015.Aug.24 5pm

    I’m worried too. I twittered Zarban again last night and got no response. He may be aware of us, but he may be too busy with his job. But I’m sure he’ll get back to us whenever he can.

  86. Wavatar
    Nicole Loftus
    2015.Aug.25 5pm

    I want someone do Watchmen or The Punisher 2004 Hard Candy Insidious

  87. Wavatar
    Bradley Taylor
    2015.Aug.25 11pm

    ^^I’ll try to do a commentary for The Punisher (2004) before this weekend.

  88. Wavatar
    Jason Ritter
    2015.Aug.26 9am

    Nicole there are commentary on all 3 punisher films there are aton of commentaries on Watchmen

  89. Wavatar
    Nicole Loftus
    2015.Aug.26 2pm

    How About Hook 1991

  90. Wavatar
    Jason Ritter
    2015.Aug.26 9pm

    Nicole i feel like you suggest films commentaries before checking to see if the already did that film or not. Please in the future try to see if they already did a commentary on it before asking them to do a commentary on it

  91. Wavatar
    2015.Aug.27 10am

    Super Marcey’s Super Podcast Audio Commentary Edition: Super Mario Bros.

  92. Wavatar
    2015.Aug.29 7pm
  93. Wavatar
    Bradley Taylor
    2015.Aug.30 12am

    I found a new source of video commentaries for movies by Evilscar 23:

  94. Wavatar
    Nicole Loftus
    2015.Aug.30 2pm

    If someone did do Phantom Of The Opera 2004 and Hard Candy 2006 commentary I will be happy

  95. Wavatar
    2015.Aug.30 3pm

    Brews and Blasters did a commentary for Willow. It was a surprise commentary, so the page for the episode says nothing about it. It starts about 25 min in.

  96. Wavatar
    2015.Sep.02 1pm
  97. Wavatar
    Nicole Loftus
    2015.Sep.02 2pm

    Can someone do 1986 Little Shop Of Horrors and Honey I Shrunk The Kids and I blew up the kid

  98. Wavatar
    Bradley Taylor
    2015.Sep.03 1am

    NFW Podcast just released a commentary for 1988’s Bloody Pom Poms or Cheerleader Camp.

  99. Wavatar
    Jimi Fletcher
    2015.Sep.05 9am

    We have recorded a commentary for Cobra (1986) – enjoy!

    Enjoy, and thanks for sharing!


    Jimi and Mark

  100. Wavatar
    Nicole Loftus
    2015.Sep.08 2pm

    Little Shop Oh Horrors
    Honey I Blew Up The Kid
    Honey I Shrunk The Kids
    Snow White And The Huntsman
    The Amazing Spider Man 1 2

  101. Wavatar
    Bradley Taylor
    2015.Sep.10 2am did a commentary for The Expendables 3.

  102. Wavatar
    Bradley Taylor
    2015.Sep.12 10pm

    Sorry I haven’t seen any of the ones you mentioned. There’s so many horror movies out there that it’s hard to keep track of. But I did see 1984’s Angel. The leading actress was in Jaws 2.

  103. Wavatar
    Nicole Loftus
    2015.Sep.16 5pm

    Can Someone do I Know what you did last summer and I still know what you did last summer and Cruel Intentions

  104. Wavatar
    Bradley Taylor
    2015.Sep.17 11am

    NFW Podcast released a commentary for Slumber Party Massacre.

  105. Wavatar
    Pulp Nightmare
    2015.Sep.27 3pm

    Box Office Pulp Podcast has begun doing commentaries.


    and Zodiac

    and two more coming in October

  106. Wavatar
    Nicole Loftus
    2015.Oct.08 6pm

    Do Phantom OF The Opera 2004 Hard Candy Watchmen X Men The punisher 2004 Hocus Pocus

  107. Wavatar
    Nicole Loftus
    2015.Oct.11 2pm

    Hocus Pocus
    The Flintstones
    The Flintstones In Viva Rock Vegas

  108. Wavatar
    2015.Oct.14 6am

    Super Marcey’s Super Podcast Audio Commentary Edition: Evil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn

  109. Wavatar
    Jimi Fletcher
    2015.Oct.17 10am

    Fletch Talks’ commentary for Back to the Future (1985) – Parts II and III on their way!

  110. Wavatar
    Jimi Fletcher
    2015.Oct.17 1pm
  111. Wavatar
    Jimi Fletcher
    2015.Oct.17 4pm
  112. Wavatar
    Nicole Loftus
    2015.Oct.20 3pm

    Bradley can you do Hocus Pocus
    Harry Potter

  113. Wavatar
    Bradley Taylor
    2015.Oct.20 4pm

    I’ll see what I can do on Hocus Pocus. As for Harry Potter, I tend to avoid those films as well as the Lord of the Rings films because they are simply too long. If each one of the movies was an hour shorter, I would have no problem. And next time, please go under my personal page. That’s what Zarban did. Thank you.

  114. Wavatar
    Nicole Loftus
    2015.Oct.25 12pm

    Do Cinderella 2015
    Peter Pan 2003
    Hook commentary
    Hocus Pocus

  115. Wavatar
    2015.Oct.29 8am

    Here’s my fan commentary for Inside Out.

  116. Wavatar
    Jimi Fletcher
    2015.Oct.31 5am

    Happy Halloween! Here are our commentaries for 1996’s Scream

    and The Simpsons’ Treehouse of Horror VII-XII


    Jimi and Mark

  117. Wavatar
    Nicole Loftus
    2015.Nov.06 8pm

    Hocus Pocus
    Titanic 1997
    The Punisher 2004
    Hard Candy
    The phantom of the opera 2004
    The Flintstones and The Flintstones in Vivia Rock Vegas
    Little Shop Of Horrors
    Honey I Shrunk The Kids

  118. Wavatar
    2015.Dec.22 4pm

    Just thought I’d say I’ve just done a full length commentary for Episode VII.

    Happy holidays folks.

  119. Wavatar
    2016.Jan.15 12pm

    For old times sake, here’s my Cloverfield commentary, also talking about 10 Cloverfield Lane.

  120. Wavatar
    Ryan Bull
    2016.Jan.28 7pm
  121. Wavatar
    2016.Feb.06 2pm

    Just feels right to post ’em here…

    Poltergeist 2015

  122. Wavatar
    the denim cowboy
    2016.Feb.15 2pm

    hi I am on you tube now if anyone cares

    thanks the denim cowboy

  123. Wavatar
    Bradley Taylor
    2016.Feb.15 3pm

    To the denim Cowboy, I’ll check out your Demolition Man and Commando commentaries one day. Lately I’ve been the only one doing commentaries. Everybody seems to have retired.

  124. Wavatar
    2016.Feb.16 5am

    He’s my fan commentary for Jaws The Revenge.

  125. Wavatar
    2016.Feb.24 3pm

    He’s my fan commentary for Spectre.

  126. Wavatar
    2016.Feb.26 4am

    Here’s my commentary for Marilyn Monroe, Howard Hawks film Monkey Business.

  127. Wavatar
    2016.Mar.09 3pm

    Done a commentary for John Carpenter’s “In the Mouth of Madness”

  128. Wavatar
    Bradley Taylor
    2016.Mar.14 9am

    Dear Dave, would you consider doing commentaries for Child’s Play 2 and 3? They seem to be well underrepresented here. I appreciate it. The ones that are listed here were done by me.

  129. Wavatar
    2016.Mar.16 8am

    Video Commentary for Police Academy Cartoon.

  130. Wavatar
    2016.Mar.27 2pm

    I done did a commentary for Batman V Superman.

  131. Wavatar
    Bradley Taylor
    2016.Mar.27 7pm

    Uhh Dave, how could you do a commentary on Batman Vs Superman? The movie is not on DVD yet.

  132. Wavatar
    Jason Ritter
    2016.Mar.28 5am

    Dave can you do a commentary on lego dc super heroes justice league vs. the legion of doom?

  133. Wavatar
    jason "jimbo" Ritter
    2016.Mar.28 1pm

    Sorry Dave the film is actually called Lego DC Comics Super Heroes: Justice League: Attack of the Legion of Doom could you do a commentary on it?

  134. Wavatar
    2016.Apr.06 1am

    ColliderVideos recently did a Commentary for

    Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens Commentary

    They also previously did commentaries for;

    Man of Steel

    Star Wars: The Phantom Menace

    Star Wars: Attack Of The Clones

    Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith Movie

    Star Wars: A New Hope Commentary

    Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back

  135. Wavatar
    2016.Apr.06 10am

    Here’s a commentary for Star Wars: The Force Awakens


  136. Wavatar
    2016.Apr.07 3am

    Here’s a yak track for the 1974 classic Death Wish.–b88sI

  137. Wavatar
    2016.Apr.13 4pm

    Here’s a commentary for A Nightmare on Elm Street: Part 2 Freddy’s Revenge.

  138. Wavatar
    2016.Apr.20 2pm

    Another 1974 film commentary here for Tobe Hooper’s “The Texas Chain Saw Massacre”

  139. Wavatar
    2016.Apr.20 5pm

    ColliderVideos released their commentary for

    Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi Commentary

  140. Wavatar
    2016.May.17 4am

    Care Bears – The Movie Commentary

  141. Wavatar
    Bradley Taylor
    2016.May.26 10pm

    I like to thank Attack of the Killer Podcast for doing a commentary on Child’s Play 2. Check it out over on their webpage.

  142. Wavatar
    2016.May.27 7pm

    Mortal Kombat Commentary and MirrorMask commentary

  143. Wavatar
    2016.Jun.05 12pm
  144. Wavatar
    Joe O'Leary
    2016.Jun.14 2pm

    Star Jaws Podcast

    We hope y’all like it!!

  145. Wavatar
    2016.Jun.22 4am

    Here’s a track I did for the 1995 film Mr Holland’s Opus

  146. Wavatar
    2016.Jun.25 5pm

    How come no one has mentioned Guy and Tim from the Worst Idea of All Time?
    These guys are experts on the award winning film Grown Ups 2 and they even made an audio commentary track for the film.

    These two guys are also connoisseurs of the award winning film Sex and the City 2. They even commentated on the film twice in a row!

  147. Wavatar
    Bradley Taylor
    2016.Jun.29 1am

    I want to thank Sofa Dogs for doing a commentary on the 1983 cult classic Sleepaway Camp. Keep up the good John Pavlich.

  148. Wavatar
    2016.Jun.30 4am
  149. Wavatar
    Bradley Taylor
    2016.Jul.06 12am

    To Dave that did a commentary for Death Wish 4, there are some Disney movies that could use some commentaries or more of them like Pete’s Dragon, The Black Cauldron, The Jungle Book, Meet the Robinsons, Old Yeller, Flubber, Mary Poppins, The Love Bug, Return to Oz, and Oz the Great and Powerful.

  150. Wavatar
    2016.Jul.10 7am

    Some nice choices there, I might just do one of those, thanks for the suggestions.

  151. Wavatar
    Bradley Taylor
    2016.Jul.10 10am

    You’re welcome. I had a real great pleasure of commenting on all of these movies myself.

  152. Wavatar
    2016.Aug.09 6am

    Stranger Things – Chapter 6 The Monster

  153. Wavatar
    2016.Sep.05 4am
  154. Wavatar
    2016.Sep.14 3pm

    A new DVD Commentaries UK er Commentary for Salem’s Lot (the 2 hour version)

  155. Wavatar
    2016.Nov.06 3am

    I did a video commentary for Death Wish II

  156. Wavatar
    2016.Dec.26 6am

    Kickboxer Vengeance commentary:

  157. Wavatar
    2017.Jan.04 3pm

    My commentary for the 1986 film Soul Man

  158. Wavatar
    2017.Jan.11 1pm

    Here’s a commentary the Columbo episode Double Exposure.

  159. Wavatar
    2017.Jan.18 10am

    Here’s my yak track for one of (the “popular” one) Ben Hur films of 2016

  160. Wavatar
    2017.Jan.25 4pm

    Here’s my commentary for the “new” Leatherface film. aka Playing with Dolls

  161. Wavatar
    2017.Feb.01 3pm
  162. Wavatar
    2017.Feb.04 7pm

    Various children’s show commentaries, reality t.v., retro children’s shows, and much more! Over 100 hours of commentaries all free for download or stream.

  163. Wavatar
    2017.Feb.08 4am

    Looney Looney Looney Bugs Bunny Movie commentary.

  164. Wavatar
    2017.Feb.15 12pm

    A 10 to Midnight fan commentary.

  165. Wavatar
    2017.Feb.23 5pm

    Michael Jackson Thriller Commentary

  166. Wavatar
    Chris Meadows
    2017.Jun.16 7am

    New version of my Castle of Cagliostro commentary track. The old one is no longer available.

  167. Wavatar
    Ryan Sliwinski
    2017.Jul.01 3am

    We do commentaries for films that we find to be unappreciated masterpieces of cinema.

  168. Wavatar
    Dave and Sean
    2017.Jul.20 10am

    Here is a commentary track me and my friend Sean did for the 1995 film Friday.

  169. Wavatar
    Dave and Leeann
    2017.Jul.20 10am

    Here is a commentary me and Leeann did on minute 1 of the Seinfeld episode “The Non Fat Yogurt”

  170. Wavatar
    Dave and Leeann
    2017.Jul.20 10am

    Here is a commentary me and Leeann did on minute 1 of the Seinfeld episode “The Cheever Letters”

  171. Wavatar
    Dave and Leeann
    2017.Jul.20 1pm

    Here is a commentary track me and Leeann did on minute 1 of the Seinfeld episode “The Cheever Letters”

  172. Wavatar
    Dave and Leeann
    2017.Jul.20 1pm

    Here is a commentary track me and Leeann did on minute 1 of the Seinfeld episode “The Non Fat Yogurt”

  173. Wavatar
    Dave and Leeann
    2017.Jul.20 1pm

    Here is a commentary track me and my friend Sean did for the 1995 film Friday.

  174. Wavatar
    Mike Jozic
    2017.Aug.05 4am

    I recently did a commentary for my film podcast on Prometheus here:

  175. Wavatar
    2017.Nov.08 3am

    Please add my commentaries for MirrorMask, Mortal Kombat, and UltraViolet.

  176. Wavatar
    Hallmark Commentaries
    2017.Nov.16 6pm

    Please add my commentary for the hit Hallmark movie Marry Me At Christmas

  177. Wavatar
    The Reel Booze Podcast
    2017.Dec.12 3pm

    We’ve been on here before but had to mess around with some stuff behind the scenes and now we go by:

    The Reel Booze Podcast

    If there are any issues with the links please let us know.
    Thank you for your support.
    Ken & Jay
    The Boozers

  178. Wavatar
    Bradley Taylor
    2017.Dec.21 4pm

    ^^Regret to inform you Zarban does not update this site anymore.

  179. Wavatar
    The Reel Booze Podcast
    2017.Dec.26 4am

    Thanks for the heads up.

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