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It would be great if the Teletubbies turned up now in their battle armor, just a little bit too late. Teletubby battle armor?! Yeah. That’s maybe my favorite phrase of the year. — Tysto and Film Bin,
Flash Gordon 1:48:44

Kala is melting into black goo. Eww. That must be horrible to clean up.Get the funeral mop. — Tysto and Film Bin,
Flash Gordon 1:42:59

I’d love to see an episode of Cribs where Ming shows us around this place. … ‘This is where the magic happens….’ [laughter] ‘The real magic. … This is the Sorcery Room.’ — Tysto and Film Bin,
Flash Gordon 1:01:32

What I love about this scene is that it tells you a lot about the Hawkmen in that they do stuff like this often enough to merit a purpose-built platform which brings up spikes and tilts. — Tysto and Film Bin,
Flash Gordon 1:16:35

They deliberately kept Brian Blessed away for half an hour, because they knew they’d need the energy in the second half. … He is part-man, part-explosion, part-beard. — Tysto and Film Bin,
Flash Gordon 0:55:30

In the original, he’s a polo player for Yale. … That would not fly today. I don’t think there was any point in time when that would have got sympathy from an audience. If I was remakin’ it, I’d have him be a darts player. — Tysto and Film Bin,
Flash Gordon 0:10:42

Topal is … the only authentic professional actor– Are you badmouthing Melanie Anderson? [nervous giggling] There’s a great quote on– Melanie ‘Manimal’ Anderson? — Tysto and Film Bin,
Flash Gordon 0:10:39

The word “moonraker” comes from sailing. It refers to the very smallest sail at the very tippy top of the highest mast, the implication being that it’s so high up that it may rake across the moon. — Tysto,
Moonraker @1:45:23

The sensible thing to do is to use just a couple of space shuttles and launch [the super race people] up over the course of several months. … Then you don’t have a problem having to steal another space shuttle back in order to finish your project. — Tysto,
Moonraker @1:35:40

There are two problems with Dr. Goodhead—three problems, if you count her ridiculous name…. — Tysto,
Moonraker @0:37:20

The idea [of] Superman leaving for 5 years to avoid child support meshes well with the first film because, remember, he stayed in the Fortress of Solitude for 12 years to avoid the Vietnam draft. — Tysto and Speakeasy,
Superman Returns @0:27:27

If you have ever seen Wet Hot American Summer, and you don’t understand the references, see Sleepaway Camp, and you’ll get it. — F This Movie,
Sleepaway Camp @0:54:07

[as killer] What’s the easiest way to kill a guy? I need a broom, … a bathroom stall— Carefully cultivated hive of bees. [laughter] I have been working on this all summer! — F This Movie,
Sleepaway Camp @0:49:27

We saw Robert Hiltzik do a Q&A after the movie. … Robert Hiltzik has no sense of humor about this movie. He refers to it as his ‘baby.’ … He’s just as gruff as this movie is. — F This Movie,
Sleepaway Camp @0:46:18

[as Paul] ‘Hey, Angela, I got my racket. Do you have any balls?’ [uproarious laughter] Doug wins! — F This Movie,
Sleepaway Camp @0:38:49

I wish Brad Bird had made Mission: Impossible 4 animated, you know? Wouldn’t that have been cool? No. Why not? … I think it’s cooler if you make a functional reality from movie to movie. — Commentary Track Stars,
Mission Impossible 3 @1:14:11

It’s always ‘Ya gotta get some information out of him.’ But y’know, if ya just shoot him a bunch of times, it’s probably gonna to work out for the best. — Commentary Track Stars,
Mission Impossible 3 @0:55:37

All of [JJ Abrams’] stories are really based around not coming up with something clever. … The Rabbit’s Foot … could be anything. But they need to be sure that what they’re going after is this deadly thing. — Commentary Track Stars,
Mission Impossible 3 @0:38:18

The casting makes it really unexpected. I was shocked…. I was like, ‘Man! What are you doing to Felicity?’ Did you watch Felicity? No. Okay, so why— That doesn’t make any sense. — Commentary Track Stars,
Mission Impossible 3 @0:18:53

This house is [a] recreation of JJ Abrams’ house. Why didn’t they just shoot in his house? He didn’t want Tom Cruise in his house! Seems like he could have saved some money … and then he could’ve put some more lens flares in it. — Commentary Track Stars,
Mission Impossible 3 @0:06:52

[as henchman recruit] ‘I’m ready to join this organization. … What have they done in the past?’ [as Blofeld’s recruiter] ‘Well, we had this really cool hollowed out volcano….’ — Tysto Commentaries,
Diamonds Are Forever 1:41:16

Why is that guy moving in slow motion? He’s not really on the moon. Is this some sort of fakery that Willard White is pulling off, pretending? — Tysto Commentaries,
Diamonds Are Forever 1:00:14

They’ve made this idea that they’ll run away with the diamonds, but that’s not what Bond wants. … He wants to deliver the diamonds … because he wants to catch that guy. He’s wildly over-complicating his own plan! — Tysto Commentaries,
Diamonds Are Forever 0:46:50

Now this guy, also deeply involved in the murders and the gambling operation, is Bruce Cabot. You might remember him from King Kong, 1933. He played Jack Driscoll. — Tysto Commentaries,
Diamonds Are Forever 0:37:10

The idea behind this fight was that the elevator was too small. … These two big guys, … would not have any room, and it would be really awkward. The problem is … it’s really awkward. You can’t film it properly! — Tysto Commentaries,
Diamonds Are Forever 0:23:14

They have no way of knowing those diamonds ever existed, because they never got logged. … [And] they’re going to be used for [Blofeld’s] crazy satellite plan, so they never come on the market. — Tysto Commentaries,
Diamonds Are Forever 0:14:09

The movie … refuses to give her a break until literally the last second. … She’s got to get out of the f***in’ parachute!But I’m allergic to kelp! … Now we’re in the final shot of the film. They just need to Photoshop in a shark fin. — What Are You Doing, Movie?,
Gravity @1:38:23

Realistically, you can’t jump to another spacecraft. So, my question to guys— Aw! Says you! [laughter] Not with that attitude! — What Are You Doing, Movie?,
Gravity @0:33:08

That display is the command-and-control laptop of the space station. It doesn’t blink ‘FIRE’, but that is the interface thru which I command the vehicle. — What Are You Doing, Movie?,
Gravity @1:01:09

[re: International Space Station] I operate the electrical and thermal systems. … I work in Mission Control. … I’m in charge of the big solar arrays. — What Are You Doing, Movie?,
Gravity @0:41:53

It misses an opportunity to state the theme…. What it says is ‘Life in space is impossible.’ What I think it should say is ‘Life in a vacuum is impossible,’ because that’s … what this story is about: … connecting with other people. — What Are You Doing, Movie?,
Gravity @0:18:02

I was a big fan of the completion of the Miss Congeniality thrillogy, and I really wanted to see how that would play out. And I think it was … the most realistic of the three. — What Are You Doing, Movie?,
Gravity @0:14:35

[re: mistaking a man in a gorilla costume for a gorilla] You gotta make Franken and Davis here really, really dumb and drunk and stoned at the same time…. But the gorilla isn’t drunk and stoned and stup– well the gorilla’s stupid. — Tysto Commentaries,
Trading Places @1:40:00

Notice how Ophelia just changes her clothes and suddenly is, for the rest of the film, completely respectable. [laughs] … It’s also equally strange: Coleman is happy with this plan to shotgun everyone at Duke & Duke! — Tysto Commentaries,
Trading Places @1:28:15

So Ophelia, again, another streetwise character. … She’s probably the least realistic character. [laughs] Not only is she a hooker with a heart of gold, she’s a hooker with an investment strategy. — Tysto Commentaries,
Trading Places @0:52:33

We have to dislike Louis Winthorp a lot … to forgive Coleman…. Coleman is going to come out fabulously wealthy, despite [being] complicit in what is a terrible, really miserably wicked and evil bit of social engineering. — Tysto Commentaries,
Trading Places @0:24:27

I don’t know if Don Ameche liked this or if it was frustrating to him, but literally every time he talks, he makes us hate [his character] a little bit more. — Tysto Commentaries,
Trading Places @0:21:31

It’s a Christmas movie, strangely enough. So add it to your list, with Die Hard and Psycho, of movies to watch every Christmas. — Tysto Commentaries,
Trading Places @0:02:57

They create a horror film where you have a bad guy, and then they turn it into a franchise, and the bad guy becomes the antihero. … He does turn into the good guy. … They had to reinvent him. — GeekFest Rants,
Godzilla (1956) @1:03:05

This the first movie in I’m sure will be a series, … and they’re already threatening the entire world. Where the hell do you go from here? — Comic Book Cast,
Man of Steel @1:48:12

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