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    Death to Smoochy

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    From Technicolor Commentary:

    We’re back! This week we’re on the hunt…for a big purple rhino…named Smoochy. That shouldn’t surprise you, since that’s the motivation for just about every character in this week’s movie, Death to Smoochy. Danny DeVito directed this ramshackle comedy with more brutish tones and violence than 27 prison riots. But that’s what they call “black comedy”. So it’s funny, right?

    What could be so horrible about a kind-hearted man wanting to spread messages of love, respect, proper eating habits, and respecting one’s step dad…all while donning a huge purple rhino outfit? Teach us, Edward Norton! It’s like behind-the-scenes at Sesame Street for adults, no? Well, for better and for worse. I failed to mention the Nazi rally and the murders. Oh, the murders. A little intrigued? Well, you should be you puffy rhinoceros! Listen in, and you’ll leave with a wonderful insider’s perspective of the world of children’s television. We certainly feel more enlightened.

    You know what else is enlightening? Our new theme music, courtesy of Chewbaska. They’re noticeably less corrupt than the average children’s TV show host.

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