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    Bad Taste

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    From Technicolor Commentary:

    Hey ho, let’s go. To New Zealand. Because my choice this week is Peter Jackson’s opus, Bad Taste. Forget King Kong and Lord of the Rings, THIS is the definitive Peter Jackson film. Well, actually, Dead Alive is, but I don’t have that on DVD so we had to settle for this delicious skull of brains of a film.

    Keep your ears open for our desperate attempts to recognize the director. He’s in there somewhere, and when we find him, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Indeed.

    Our theme is composed by The Wind Whistles. This are as good as an exploding seagull under your bum. I suggest you set your movie at 00:00:00 when starting the podcast. If not, well… I will make intergalactic hamburgers out of you, you bloody wanker.

    Enjoy Episode 6 of Technicolor Commentary. It’s tasty!


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