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    An American Tail

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    From Technicolor Commentary:


    What’s up? How’s the family? Good? Good.

    So… Uh.. This week is a cartoon. It’s called “An American Tail” by Don Bluth. We talk about it, and you guys listen, and enjoy. It’s a doozy. Pay special attention, as the episode’s title will make more than one appearance over the course of the episode. As always, you can sync our commentary to the movie. We give a little countdown after the introduction to help you out. Here’s a hint: you might want to set the DVD to 00:00:00. *winks*

    Here’s a testimonial from someone who set their DVD up prior to the start of the episode: “Setting up the DVD was the best thing I could have done. Not only was I able to be properly synced up, I also found 20 bucks in the DVD tray! Thanks TCC. Thanks.”

    The Wind Whistles is a lovely band and they have quite the album. Their song “Where Does the Garbage Go?” is our current opening theme. Check them out. You’ll be glad you did.

    And now, without further delay, episode 3 of Technicolor Commentary.


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