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    Dirty Love

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    From Adudathuda PodBlast:

    Someday in the distant future, a young grad student will be called to do an extensive report on the far-reaching cultural effects of the Adudathuda DVD podBLAST.

    Within the body of the report will, necessarily be, a section investigating the oft-suspected extreme masochistic tendencies of the BLASTers.

    The strongest evidence this young scholar will present in the aforementioned section will be the fact that “The Illustrious Four”, as they’ve come to be known, subjected themselves to the hole in the universe known as Dirty Love.

    One of the worst ever. Period.

    …ahem… Speaking of, as a super bonus, tune into the director/star commentary on the DVD, right after the most classless scene ever put to film (you’ll know the one), listen as John Asher refers to himself as a “damn good director.”

    The Illustrious Four say, “no.”

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