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    Warehouse 13 1×01 ‘Pilot’

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    From MMM Commentaries:

    A new project at MMM for the next few releases – a Fresh Faces Project no less!

    The MMM team has taken a look at a few of the new TV pilots that the US networks have seen fit to show us.

    Are they any good? Is it worth watching the next episode? Let MMM be your guide into the murky world of new television shows.

    The first one is Warehouse 13, brought to the screen by the Syfy Network. It involves two Secret Service agents who are unceremoniously drafted to a top secret installation called Warehouse 13 – the place the government puts all the weird and wonderful devices deemed to dangerous to be out in the world.

    Have a listen to our thoughts on this new TV series pilot.

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    See, if I was setting up in that office …, I’d put my table on the other side of the room, facing towards the windows. Ah, feng shui. Set it in the power position. — MMM Commentaries,
    Warehouse 13 ‘Pilot’ @0:56:20