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    Raiders of the Lost Ark

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    From MMM Commentaries:

    MMM have found another “lost” work from the vaults, dusted it off and made it available for your download and listening pleasure.

    In 2003 we recorded a commentary for Raiders of the Lost Ark, and had as a special guest Arlen Spector who worked on the film. Join us as we talk with Arlen about the behind the scenes gossip, intrigue and learn more about Raiders of the Lost Ark than you thought was possible.

    As always, the comments section is available for you to leave your thoughts and musings about our latest offering.

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    [You] guys will believe that a monster can come out of an ark and kill everyone except two people ’cause their eyes were shut, but you don’t believe a guy can lash himself to a u-boat! — MMM Commentaries,
    Raiders of the Lost Ark @1:34:58