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    Watchmen (director’s cut)

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    From Down in Front at FriendsInYourHead.com:

    Hey guys, Teague here.

    Trey and I have this thing where we feel that Superman is a stupid, retarded, annoyingly uninteresting character. Why? Because if Superman were real, he’d come to the conclusion that humans aren’t worth saving about five minutes after seeing Made of Honor.

    Watchmen explores exactly that problem – if superheroes were real, they would probably be terrible people, with huge flaws, and the opposite of what ninety years of comic conventions would have us believe. The Zack Snyder adaptation of the graphic novel went through the ridges of public scrutiny like few franchise pictures have since The Phantom Menace, and in our esteemed opinion, came out clean on the other side.

    This commentary is a conversation about the movie, and about comic books in general, what they can do, have done, and haven’t seemed to master yet. Joining us this week as a representative of all the knowledge in the world is Eddie Doty, and there’s also Brian, who earns no modifyer.

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    It is kind of this absurdist take on it. … Life is chaos. It’s random. It’s absolutely absurd the things that go on, but … underneath that absurdity, you can find beauty. And I think this is absurdism without the beauty. — Down in Front,
    Watchmen @0:56:46

    Doctor Manhattan in the book— God, I can’t believe we’re talkin’ about this…. We’re gonna talk about d*cks. All right.It’s the elephant in the room, sirs. — Down in Front,
    Watchmen @1:19:25

    [Ozymandius] Is he gay? I want to know. Tell me right now. Honestly, I don’t think so. … He’s just clean and well-spoken. … His face looks like Dory from Finding Nemo. — Down in Front,
    Watchmen @1:34:16