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    The Lost Boys

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    Alternative DVD Commentary for The Lost Boys … With Tom And Darren

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    There’s a double bill for you: The Man with One Red Shoe and Joe vs the Volcano. [laughter] You would get younger watching those movies. Your dress sense would get worse. — DVDCommentaries.co.uk,
    The Lost Boys @0:12:58

    And this guy here, as well. He’s lucky to have that girl. But she just wants to read—what’s she reading?—a Sad Sack comic book!? … Attractive blondes are always reading comics. — DVDCommentaries.co.uk,
    The Lost Boys @0:16:47

    What’s [Corey Haim] got that for?! Like, a sexy picture of Rob Lowe! This brings us back to the issue with a lot of ’80s movies, is the homoerotic nature of them. And this has got that. — DVDCommentaries.co.uk,
    The Lost Boys @0:25:07

    For anyone listening to this commentary in five years’ time, a video shop was a place that had videos … you had a card, and you could rent them, a bit like stuff that you do online now. You actually had to go out of your house. — DVDCommentaries.co.uk,
    The Lost Boys @0:33:24

    I love this scene. I love it because it’s a siege movie now. … They’re barricading themselves in. They’re gettin’ ready for war. — DVDCommentaries.co.uk,
    The Lost Boys @1:12:33

    I like this, the Frog brothers. They’re all mouth and no trousers. — DVDCommentaries.co.uk,
    The Lost Boys @1:17:45