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    Tango and Cash

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    Alternative DVD Commentary for Tango And Cash. Tango And Cash Commentary with Stuart, Tom, Curtis and Dave.

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    I always remember this scene, particularly, when I very first saw Tango and Cash, in that you see… ladies’ breasts. … I’ve since grown up, and— We’re not interested in that kind of stuff. No, we’re interested art and music by Bach. — DVDCommentaries.co.uk,
    Tango and Cash @0:06:25

    I love how, in this scene, we’re showing the comedy side of police brutality, the lighter side of it. — DVDCommentaries.co.uk,
    Tango and Cash @0:12:38

    Why did he build that!? It’s like, ‘I always wanted to use that big, pointless, weird car with the giant wheels for no reason. This is the best day of me life!’ I bet Bruce Wayne’s even watchin’, sayin’, ‘Why are you wasting all this money?!’ — DVDCommentaries.co.uk,
    Tango and Cash @1:22:50

    I like to think that, following this film, (there was no sequel, so I’ll make up me own story) that Kurt Russell marries— Cash. [laughter] … That’s a crazy-ass sequel! ‘I now pronounce you Tango and Cash!’ — DVDCommentaries.co.uk,
    Tango and Cash @1:32:12