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    Dr. No

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    From Shaken Not Stirred at Prognosis Negative:


    Prognosis Negative proudly presents this Special 50th Anniversary Edition Shaken Not Stirred, the wiley James Bond commentary podcast featuring Steven, Josh, Eric, and Kyle!
    Join us as we dive into Sir Thomas Sean Connery’s definitive debut, Dr. No. Let the banter begin!
    Dr. No premeired in the UK on October 5, 1962.
    Nowhere will you find a James Bond commentary that sprinkles in more oblique Doctor Who references.


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    This commentary contains EXPLICIT terms, concepts, and as always expect strokes of innuendo throughout.


    You cats have never been to Cuba, of course, but Cuba looks just like this today. — Prognois Negative,
    Dr. No @0:04:28

    When I travel, there’s a bottle of water that you pay 5 bucks for. Here, there’s a bottle of Smirnoff. … And a second in the drawer that he just pulled out! — Prognois Negative,
    Dr. No @0:43:49

    I liked how he killed it, and the music killed the spider also. [laughter] Yeah, he didn’t keep his cool there. — Prognois Negative,
    Dr. No @0:45:58

    [Bond approaches Taro with a towel garotte] ♪♫ That doesn’t look too friendly. ♪♫ I love every song in Kyle’s album that we hear. It’s called Sing What You See. [laughter] Or Randy Newman’s Greatest Hits. — Prognois Negative,
    Dr. No @0:54:21

    Is this, uh, day for night? Naw, never. This is morning for afternoon, I think. It’s breakfast for dinner. — Prognois Negative,
    Dr. No @1:16:44

    [re: radiation shower, as Connery] ♪♫ You’re not fully clean unless you’re Zest-fully clean. ♪♫ — Prognois Negative,
    Dr. No @1:21:09

    [re: evacuation order] I like how the globe starts blinking. That’s how you know something bad’s happening. — Prognois Negative,
    Dr. No @1:46:20