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    The Bad Pack

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    From Dr Action and the Kick Ass Kid:

    Well ladies and germs we are back and sadly not with a bang.

    All geared up for our Men on a Mission month we thought we’d start with a rare B-Movie that showed some promise, mostly in its stars Robert Davi and Rowdy Roddy Piper.
    Unfortunately, The Bad Pack, did not deliver and the two of us struggled to get through this lacking film.
    For example the front cover of the DVD (on the left) is more exciting than the entire movie. “Blows Con Air off the screen!” reads it’s tagline, yes it does, with it’s wafty farty stink.

    We present this week’s show then merely as a curiosity of what happens on such an occasion when the two of us, usually robust males, lose our will to live.

    oh but we also talk all about SKYFALL (which we thought you might actually enjoy!)

    So have a listen, please don’t judge and we’ll be back with the much better and very British Wild Geese very soon.

    If you’re watching your action without us then you’re doing it wrong!