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    Raiders of the Lost Ark

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    From The Spoilers Podcast:

    After a prolonged absence brought on by the 10 Plagues of the Spoilers. Bill and I have returned with another commentary: Raiders of the Lost Ark, the 1981 Spielberg blockbuster classic starring Harrison Ford and Karen Allen that started the Indiana Jones trilogy… or “quadrilogy” if they ever get Indy 4 going.

    Joining us this time is the recently Slashdotted singer/songwriter Jonathan Coulton, famous for his cover of Baby Got Back and, recently, Code Monkey. We take an exploratory look at Raiders as a movie the three of us grew up with pointing out actors who have gone on to bigger careers, bloopers and errors and other bits of trivia.

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    This is a cool booby trap. It works on the same principle as that bing-bong alert at Radio Shack. — Spoilers Podcast,
    Raiders of the Lost Ark @0:08:15

    I think that screaming corpse may have been the moment that my grandmother regretted her decision to bring me to this movie. — Spoilers Podcast,
    Raiders of the Lost Ark @0:08:42

    People have pointed out to me that the blood on the window disappears later, but I keep telling them, ‘No. The glass in the window disappears.’ — Spoilers Podcast,
    Raiders of the Lost Ark @1:29:57

    God to Nazis: thumbs down. — Spoilers Podcast,
    Raiders of the Lost Ark @1:37:04