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    Cold Harvest

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    From Dr Action and the Kick Ass Kid:

    This week it’s an explosion of cockney accents as Dr.Action and The Kick Ass Kid cover their first Gary Daniels film, the little heard of and underrated, Cold Harvest.

    It co-stars none-other-than, one of our favourite actresses, Barbara Crampton!
    I had the pleasure of interviewing her recently for an episode of The After Movie Diner (click here to hear it) and at the end of the interview I asked her about this very film!
    Hear that section of the INTERVIEW with BARBARA CRAMPTON EXCLUSIVELY on this episode of Dr.Action!

    So, even though it’s the future, dress up in your western garb, brush up on your karate and make sure your pistol is thoroughly polished for Gary Daniels and Barbara Crampton in COLD HARVEST.
    Watch your action the way it was meant to be seen – with Dr. Action and The Kick Ass Kid!