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    The Shining (European cut)

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    It’s the shorter European version in its original 1:37:1 ratio (the importance of the ratio will become once you’ve heard the commentary)

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    In my mind, Jack Nicholson is one of the few—if not only—people who is a movie star and a character actor at the same time. — DVD Commentaries UK,
    The Shining @0:24:13

    You gotta admire Kubrick, haven’t ya? … Pissin’ off his actors and havin’ axes close at hand. — DVD Commentaries UK,
    The Shining @1:40:47

    The only horror movie we’d survive is The Wicker Man. … Because of the temptation scene. … She gets naked and bangs on his wall. … And he goes back to bed. … WhereasWe’d’ve been right round there. — DVD Commentaries UK,
    The Shining @1:46:06