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    Star Trek #55 ‘Assignment Earth’

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    From Treks in Sci Fi:

    A full episode commentary this week along with a few other goodies.
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    Back to the basics this week on the podcast. I start out with a tiny bit of Trek gaming news. Then Joby from the forums reviews the book, Crucible: McCoy: Provenance of Shadows.

    This book can be bought off of Amazon.com HERE. Thanks for the review Joby.
    Then I get into the heart of this podcast and cover the TOS episode, “Assignment: Earth.” This is from late in the second season of TOS.

    This is a different type of TREK episode as it was a pilot for a possible spin-off series featuring the adventures of Gary Seven, Isis, and Roberta Lincoln. Lots of fun little things in this story and it has a good message as well. We must learn wisdom if the human race is to survive. A message that is still important today I think. It was fun looking back at this tale.
    Then I do a quick little review of a fan-made prop replica. It’s Gary Seven’s Servo pen from the episode discussed this week. It’s made out of aluminum and is a very nice little, and unusual item in my collection. Click the picture below to see a few more views of it.

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