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    Sucker Punch (2011)

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    From Down in Front at FriendsInYourHead.com:

    Teague, Brian, Dorkman, Trey

    This was from the forsaken weekend of glitchness. It is not too bad, and passes fast. Sorry everyone.

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    This movie is Michael Bay times David Lynch, divided by Brazil, minus a third act. — Down in Front,
    Sucker Punch @0:03:42

    I want to sit down with Zach Snyder and go ‘Why did you tell me that story?’ — Down in Front,
    Sucker Punch @0:05:17

    My roomate … goes, ‘Maybe it was supposed to just be a musical, and then they found out this chick couldn’t dance. [laughter] And they had to come up with all this other stuff.’ — Down in Front,
    Sucker Punch @0:45:26

    It doesn’t take the time to lay out the structure … all of this crazy, fantasy bullsh*t is built on. … This movie never cues you that there’s [thinking] to be done. — Down in Front,
    Sucker Punch @0:49:26

    She just did try to give a sort-of theme. She’s like, ‘When we’re here, nobody takes a risk for anyone else.’ It’s like, ‘Oh! Oh! You’re trying to cue us! Do more of that!” — Down in Front,
    Sucker Punch @0:59:36

    Why did they cast Leonard Nimoy and then have Scott Glenn dub his lines? [laughter] Scott Glenn is gettin’ weird-lookin’, isn’t he? — Down in Front,
    Sucker Punch @1:05:09

    We just lost two girls. We just lost four thighs [laughter] right out of the movie right there. — Down in Front,
    Sucker Punch @1:38:32