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    Doctor Who 11 6×08 ‘Let’s Kill Hitler’

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    From Staggering Stories Podcast:

    Adam J Purcell, Fake Keith and the Real Keith Dunn sit down, tessellated, in front of the 2011 Doctor Who episode, Let’s Kill Hitler, and spout our usual nonsense!

    The Doctor’s dying for River, Rory has banging on his mind and Amy’s beside herself. But enough of their problems, please sit down with us to enjoy Let’s Kill Hitler…


    And where are these people? … They’re a Star Trek ripoff. … He’s even got that taut-jawed look of Kirk. And I’m sure she looks like— Janeway. … And he’s the spitting image of Uhura. [laughter] In her younger days. — Staggering Stories,
    Doctor Who ‘Let’s Kill Hitler’ @0:09:04

    And here we see the beginning of the Vast Toffee’s antique cupboard agenda. … Cupboards all seem to be bad. … I’ve got cupboards in my house that won’t watch anymore because they’re insulted. — Staggering Stories,
    Doctor Who ‘Let’s Kill Hitler’ @0:15:45

    She jumps out of far too many windows, that woman. — Staggering Stories,
    Doctor Who ‘Let’s Kill Hitler’ @0:23:15

    She plays a very good robot, as well. Yeah, she does. We all want one of those robots. Now! Now! Now! — Staggering Stories,
    Doctor Who ‘Let’s Kill Hitler’ @0:29:45

    I do like the fact that it was the Tardis that taught her to fly. Yeah.[The Doctor] was pretty busy. Dying. — Staggering Stories,
    Doctor Who ‘Let’s Kill Hitler’ @0:40:58