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    Superman II (Donner cut)

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    From Midnight Movie Commentaries at the Cort and Fatboy Show:

    To sync commentary: press play on the .mp3 file. As Fatboy counts backwards from 3 to 1, press pause just before he says “play.” Insert your Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut DVD/Blu-Ray, and let it play through Richard Donner’s intro. Unpause your .mp3 just as the title cards explaining how the Donner Cut was made are coming up. You should then be (loosely) in sync with the film. Featuring Mike Russell of the Oregonian/CulturePulp.com, David Walker of Badazzmofo.com, and Erik Henriksen, Senior Editor of the Portland Mercury. Commentary fueled by Snickerdoodles, Bombers of Laurelwood, and a healthy respect for all things Zod, if not much else.

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