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    Doctor Who 11 6×02 ‘Day of the Moon’

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    From Blogtor Who:

    Day of the Moon audio commentary, Episode 2 of Doctor Who Series 6, from Cameron K McEwan and Alexander J McKinnon.

    This does not include the “Next Time” trail


    Now, this is a room that seals itself. … How can they breathe? … The oxygen is provided by that yellow chair. Okay. — Blogtor Who,
    Doctor Who ‘Day of the Moon’ @0:05:49

    And it’s called ‘Day of the Moon.’ You thought it was called ‘Dave the Moon’. [laughter] Yeah, I did, actually. You thought it was a new character. — Blogtor Who,
    Doctor Who ‘Day of the Moon’ @0:07:42

    [as Amy] You press Play here, right? What accent’s that? … Amy’s Scottish. Ook aye, you know, you press Play here. Hold on—you don’t need to put a Scottish accent on. You are Scottish. … I just wanted to go more Sean Connery. — Blogtor Who,
    Doctor Who ‘Day of the Moon’ @0:29:18