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    Friday the 13th (1980)

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    From Hor-Riff-ic Productions via Rifftrax:

    COMPLETELY REMASTERED for both the Theatrical and Uncut versions!!!

    Down to Earth maniac, Gary Slasher, and his delightfully dead wife, Erin, are set to tackle one of the most important horror movies ever: 1980’s Friday the 13th.

    This horror classic is dissected by the sharp tongues of this deadly duo whose bitterness over not having made it big in the horror industry has driven them mad.

    In order to avoid any potential accidental injury while viewing, please review the following:

    Wicker chairs are bulletproof.
    Clothing is not legal tender in Monopoly.
    No doob, puff, crank, duff, spaz, or goof balls.
    Refrain from shouting “Hello” into the darkness.
    Please keep keen eyes on any children swimming.
    No fornicating in woods, or “getting busy” in general.

    The premier track from the bloodiest riffing crew in the biz!

    Be sure to leave a comment or they’ll kill you. Or maim, they could also maim.

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