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    Doctor Who 11 5×03 ‘Victory of the Daleks’

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    From Staggering Stories Podcast:

    Adam J Purcell, Andy Simpkins and Keith Dunn sit down in front of Doctor Who: Victory of the Daleks and spout our usual nonsense, trying to all be positive this time!

    Apologies, hopefully for the last time, for the rather less than great audio quality, we simply haven’t had time to address this yet. It’s not too bad but for the fact that Crumbly seems to have his head in a bucket! By the time we come to the Time of Angels commentary we hope to have this audio issue resolved. In the meantime, please try to ignore the echoes and sit down with us to enjoy Victory of the Daleks…


    [Amy is] a lot taller than Billie Piper, because it has to look up at her. … These Daleks were built so they could look Billie Piper in the eye. — Staggering Stories,
    Doctor Who ‘Victory of the Daleks’ 0:08:54

    Why is it in TV and film, when somebody’s had their hand cut off, their forearm gets longer? [laughter] … Is that a real medical phenomenon? … We’re gonna have to look on Wikipedia. — Staggering Stories,
    Doctor Who ‘Victory of the Daleks’ 0:15:17