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    • Bradley Taylor’s new page 150 comments

      This is a page just for Bradley Taylor to add links to his commentaries.

    • Extended Edition Star Wars

      I promised Martin I’d still add the Star Wars prequels that he and the rest of Extended Edition did, so I’ve done that. (Besides, that’s the easiest kind: the movies already exist here and I can find his entries on

    • Bradley Taylor’s page 197 comments

      This is a page just for Bradley Taylor to add links to his commentaries.

      If you would like one of your own, now is the time to speak up.

      (Jeez, I was going to move all of Bradley’s submission comments over here, but there’s no bulk move function, so even those dozens of posts are too much to deal with.)

    • I am dead 20 comments

      I don’t know what I’m going to do with this site. I haven’t been listening to many commentaries for months. Most of my favorite commentators have gone away. I’ve hardly been watching movies even. After seven years, updating the site with commentaries I don’t listen to has become a chore. I’ve been busy, to be sure, pouring my soul into another effort with many hours of research and web-building every day (American Girl wiki). And of course tweeting up to 700 times per day.

      I’ll certainly maintain the site as a repository of links, but I recommend that you find commentary podcasts you like and follow them. If you make commentaries, be sure to create a blog or website for yourself and put links to your material there, so people who enjoy your work can find them.

      It’s no one’s fault, of course. People change. Obsessive nerds find something else to obsess over (American Girl dolls, in my case). But if you need to blame someone, blame Bradley Taylor and his 800 commentaries.

      Bradley Taylor killed me.


    • We haven’t seen the last of Christopher Lee 1 comment

      Christopher Lee has shuffled off this mortal coil and transformed into a being a light and energy to continue being a badass on a celestial level. Don’t mourn him. Don’t pity his friends. And don’t imagine we’ve seen the last him. He’ll return one day at the head of an undead army, skating on a cosmic wave ahead of a phalanx of alien spaceships, or growing out of multiple pods in some secret island laboratory.

      We’ll be waiting for, you, Lee. You won’t get away with this, whatever it is you’re planning.

    • Sofa Dogs’ John Pavlich needs your support

      John Pavlich and his Sofa Dogs podcast is one of the first and, since it’s still going, longest-lasting commentary sites on the Web. He recently suffered the loss of his mother to cancer and deserves your attention for a moment if you can give him some support during this difficult time.

      Go Fund Me page

    • Very busy lately

      Even with taking some vacation time, I’ve been very busy lately and haven’t had time to devote to And Kung Fu Bear has had family health issues, I’m afraid. We haven’t given up, and soon I’ll be back in the swing of things, I’m sure.

    • Congratulations on 9 years, Sofa Dogs! 1 comment

      Sofa DogsToday-ish, John Pavlich celebrates his NINTH anniversary with the Sofa Dogs podcast. To date, he has 250 commentaries, by my count.

      Congratulations, John!

    • Happy 4th anniversary, Commentary Track Stars!

      Commentary Track StarsHappy 4th anniversary to Commentary Track Stars! They’ve put out a bunch of commentaries. Congratulations!

    • A New Age 2 comments

      I’ve cut a deal of sorts to get a little help with site which I trust will ensure that logs more commentaries from great and generous commentators.

      As a result, you may see comments from me on the submissions page to help feed the pipeline and replies from the mysterious KungFu Bear.

    • RIP Leonard Nimoy

      Leonard NimoyLeonard Nimoy died earlier today at 83. He was a great actor and great personality, from Star Trek to Mission: Impossible to In Search Of… to Fringe. I always enjoyed seeing him, and he always raised the level of whatever work he appeared in.

    • Happy 7th anniversary to Zarban! 5 comments

      Today marks the 7th anniversary of, the site that catalogs all the commentaries available on the Web. There are currently 2617 different movies and TV shows represented by 7549 commentaries–an average of 3 entries every day for 7 years.

    • So long, Netflix….

      Netflix has gotten stranger and stranger about trying to search for movies on its site. It’s baffling. You can’t just hand Netflix a movie title or even a search string and get a result. They want to divide the universe into movies they offer for streaming and movies that you might find on disk if you subscribe to that old-fashioned service and even then go to hell, you geezer.

      So, I’ve removed the venerable little Netflix logo on my entry pages.

      Incidentally, I’ve also tweaked the Internet Movie Car Database ( link to bring up the entry page sorted by most important cars first. Movies with a car chase always have two dozen cars on them, most of which are incidental glimpses of Toyotas and whatnot, while what you’re really interested in is the Lambo the hero is driving.

    • So long, iRiffs….

      I haven’t been cataloging iRiffs from RiffTrax in quite a while. I got tired of their random permalink changes and the fact that I was never tempted to buy anything from them. Based on the previews available, few of them seemed any better than the loads of free stuff available everywhere else on the Web. Besides, many of them were for awful, obscure films that you’d only want to bother with if Mike, Kevin, and Bill were skewering them. And the manner in which they were listed was miserably difficult to make heads or tales of.

      Now, with the October 6 renovation of RiffTrax, the geniuses there have once again disabled the entire iRiffs community for “a couple of weeks”. The same thing happened after the previous site renovation, and new iRiffs couldn’t be added for months.

      So I’ve decided to de-list all iRiffs entries and, unless things changed radically (a sensible organizational structure and a free pass so I could evaluate them would help), I won’t list them again.

    • Welcome, Comics Radio! And catching up 8 comments

      Comics Radio joins us this week with a couple of commentaries. Welcome!

      In the past month, I’ve added 5-6 commentaries a day for about 145, nearly 3 times as many as I’d do back in the early days. And a lot of them are brand new categories, so this site now covers more than 2500 movies and TV shows.